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Winning the ship of the Year 2019 Fishing boat, investigation ship section prize!
1181st ship fishery investigation instruction ship "palm" which I constructed in us won Fishing boat, investigation ship section Prize of "ship of the Year 2019".
A technical artistic socially superior ship is given the prize targeting at the ships that the nonprofit foundation Japan for shipping ocean Japan Federation of Engineering Societies was constructed in Japan in 2019.
The mother ship belongs to Tokyo Miyakojima sho agriculture and forestry fisheries synthesis center Oshima office and is a ship engaging in an investigation, an examination, instruction about the fishery, the fishery control and fishery monitoring in Izu Islands, Ogasawara sea area.
I keep the technique that we cultivated by conventional Fishing boat building alive, and an energy saving-related effect is high, and the superior model of a vessel considers environment including the CO2 reduction hydrodynamically.
In addition, it is equipped with the latest apparatus about various resources investigations, and the investigation function is enriched, too.
A reference link: For shipping ocean industry society in Japan (
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