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About "Izutsu WING STADIUM" new reservation receptionist

Thank you very much for your particular kind consideration as always.

I stop new reservation acceptance of "Izutsu WING STADIUM" for the time being from September 1, 2022.

I will tell you about the resumption time of the new reservation receptionist once it's been decided on our website.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, but I would appreciate your cooperating with understanding.

September 1, 2022
Izutsu shipyard

Futsal coat

Use of Izutsu WING STADIUM guidance

Rental time
From Monday to Saturday, holiday 18:00-23:00
             Day       09:00-23:00
Coat charge
09:00-18:00 << 3,000 yen/one hour≫
18:00-23:00 << 4,500 yen/one hour (it includes lighting charges)≫
From Monday to Friday: 09:00-17:00
TEL: 095-878-4236
Carrying: 080-8372-3315
Charge: Matsuki
※In duties convenience, I may not cope.
※I would like the coat reservation from a homepage.
I accept it and am stopping now

Acceptable use policy

・I prohibit the entrance to the futsal hall in the shipyard under the influence of alcohol.
・The futsal hall gives up smoking. When the smoking is determined.
・Do not bring food and drink except the water into the futsal hall. (the sports drinks prohibit it, too)
・In the futsal hall, use exclusive shoes, training shoes, sports shoes. I prohibit the spike.
・Only a ball for exclusive use of the futsal accepts use.
・I forbid vomiting saliva (saliva) in the futsal hall firmly.
・After use, you hang a brush on the coat, and please clear it off immediately.
・Each person takes responsibility for the garbage, and please take it to go.
・Please never enter the mooring ship in plant equipment, the facilities except the passage.
 In addition, I seem to be careful about the quays enough.
・The vehicle run in the yard goes slowly and does it with the Shipyard person concerned, vehicle priority of relationships.
・About the non-gentlemanly act, I give it an order for leaving and may prohibit use of afterward.
・Tell the acceptable use policy to all the users.
As, about an injury and an accident, the theft in the futsal hall in the shipyard, I do not take all responsibility
  Thank you for your understanding.

About a cancellation fee

In the case of cancellation except rainy weather, the bad weather
 ・It is free until two days before the use day
 ・In the case of the day before of the use day and the day, you are expected to pay 100% of use amounts of money.
In the case of rainy weather, bad weather
 ・It becomes a principle, rain or shine
 ・About the use cancellation at the time of the rainy weather from two hours ago of the use start time after the discussion by the person in charge with customer,
  As I decide measures of the use cancellation, I would like notification to the person in charge by all means.
 ・The rainy weather cancellation becomes the free cancellation.
 ・When I am canceled by the self-judgment of the customer,
  On the day it becomes the cancellation, and please pay a cancellation fee.
About transfer correspondence
 ・You change it within one month from a cancellation day, and, in the case of rainy weather cancellation, please make a reservation.
  In addition, in the case of refund hope, I cope within one month.
 ・When a transfer reservation is not refunded, it becomes targeted for cancellation fee outbreak within one month.
※ The receptionist of the cancellation becomes a receptionist only for the person in charge carrying (080-8372-3315).

Instructions at the time of the reservation

Procedure after the tentative reservation

・The prior procedure and use charges receipt of money are necessary (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) by the day before on a use day. Please perform the prior procedure after notification to the person in charge in our office. As you cannot use it when you use it and do not file, please be careful.
Izutsu shipyard
4-11-11, Tomachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
TEL. 095-878-4236
FAX. 095-878-7224
1.Steel Fishing boat
2.Building, repair of the coastal vessel and steel structure construction business
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