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Winning the ship of the Year 2022 Work vessel, the special purpose ship section prize!
Gravel collection cargo boat "58th Ei Kin-maru" that we designed neibaruakitekku Nagasaki and the combination won Work vessel, a special purpose ship section prize of "ship of the Year 2022".
A technical artistic socially superior ship is given the prize targeting at the ships that the nonprofit foundation Japan for shipping ocean Japan Federation of Engineering Societies was constructed in Japan in 2022.
The mother ship carries out an approach making DX of the ship which considered the "safety improvement of the ship" "burden on sailor reduction" by gravel collection cargo boat which belongs to Ariake Corporation, and navigates the Kyushu sea near the shore.

Izutsu shipyard
4-11-11, Tomachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
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1.Steel Fishing boat
2.Building, repair of the coastal vessel and steel structure construction business
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